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With the sports photography project due this week I looked at photos and chose to browse the pictures of the most recent Super Bowl. This photo was taken by John Iacono of Sports Illustrated.

This is Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers catching the first touchdown pass of Super Bowl XLV. He is catching the pass over William Gay of the Pittsburgh Steelers and this makes a great sports photo for the conflict. During the lecture of sports photography this photo features conflict by one person of each team fighting for a ball that is present in the photo. With the ball already caught, Gay is struggling to make a play on the ball because the receiver has already beaten him. This photo is also very clean with each player being so clear by not being jumbled up with the linemen also in play. This was shot with a 300mm telephoto lens.


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Here are the facts about the demographics of Columbia, SC.

Berkeley Electric Cooperative is the largest electric cooperative in South Carolina, and one of the top 20 in the nation. Along with this the Greenville Hospital System is one of the largest in the southeast.

Some of the biggest industries include textile manufacturing and tourism.

Average income: $28,285 (2005 – ranked 43rd)

Largest non-profit organizations: Palmetto Health is a South Carolina nonprofit public benefit corporation consisting of Palmetto Health Richland and Palmetto Health Baptist in Columbia and Easley. All three of their hospitals are highly respected, long-time members of the community dedicated to providing the best health care possible.

Carolinas HealthCare System is the Carolinas’ largest healthcare system and is one of the nation’s largest public non-profit health systems. The network consists of 25 hospitals in North and South Carolina and more than 300 care locations. CHS’s flagship facility is Carolinas Medical Center, an 874-bed hospital in Charlotte, N.C., with a Level I trauma center, a research institute and a large number of specialty treatment units including heart, cancer, organ transplant and behavioral health. CMC also serves as one of North Carolina’s five Academic Medical Center Teaching Hospitals, providing residency training for more than 240 physicians in 18 specialties. In 2008, CHS provided $770 million in community benefits among its hospitals and affiliates.

Churches and denominations: Evangelical Protestants account for a majority of the religiously active residents in the state. The largest single Christian denomination in 2000 was the Southern Baptist Convention with 928,341 adherents. The next largest of the Evangelical denominations were the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) with 56,612 adherents and the Pentecostal Holiness Church with 33,820 adherents. The largest Mainline Protestant denominations were the United Methodist Church, 302,528; the Presbyterian Church USA, 103,883; and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 61,380. The Episcopal Church had great influence during colonial times, but in 2000 it had only 52,486 members. There were 136,719 Roman Catholics, an estimated 11,000 Jews, 17,586 adherents to the Baha’i faith, and 5,761 Muslims. About 2.1 million people (52.4% of the population) were not counted as members of any religious organization.

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In the previous week I was reading and I stumbled across this photo.

“A shocking portrait of an Afghan woman whose ears and nose were sliced off by her husband as punishment for leaving him, taken by Jodi Bieber for Time magazine, won the top World Press Photo prize on Friday.

Bibi Aisha, an 18-year-old woman from Oruzgan province in Afghanistan, left her husband complaining of domestic violence. A Taliban commander ordered that she face justice and her husband cut off her nose and ears. She now lives in the United States where she had reconstructive surgery.” (CNN)

Jodi Bieber took an incredible picture displaying the way other countries still hand out punishments rather than the way we do in a democracy. Could you imagine an 18 year old American girl have the same thing done as punishment after her not having the choice of marriage? It makes you really believe that we live in the best country if anyone didn’t already previously know. As far as the photo goes, it’s nice that the background is dimly lit to show the melancholy feel of the picture. I also believe her pose and the diffused light is perfect for this photo.

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This weeks photo comes from Chuck Anderson. He is one of my favorite designers and is one of the more creative designers I have seen. He has a creative advertising range of graphic design to photography and this picture is titled “Surreal Territory” and is part of the theme pack collection designed for Microsoft Windows 7. This is only one picture of the pack of six. I first heard of Chuck Anderson by being curious about who did one of my favorite album covers of all time, “Food & Liquor” by Lupe Fiasco. After looking at the credits I went to his website and was absolutely loved his work.

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This is a photo I took for JOUR 337. In the fall of 09 I went to Washington D.C. for a wedding and took one of the days to visit all of the tourist attractions. This is the Rainbow Pool right in front of the WWII Memorial. I used this for my repetition photo as part of my project. Each column represents each state and this only shows half of the columns as they continue behind the camera. There are more tourists here than there normally would because of it being labor day showing patriotism by all of the people being interested in the Rainbow Pool. Because of this I believe it tells a story of a nice day to celebrate America and it shows what we have to offer in our nations’ capital.

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Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Bailey and I am easily the worlds best photographer. Ok, not really. Photography is my weak point in the visual communication major. I plan on graduating in May if I pass this class with flying colors 🙂 I will be using the schools Canon EOS 20D camera since I don’t own a nice camera. However, I do have a lot of experience with Photoshop and some with Final Cut Pro/Premiere. Therefore in this class I hope to build my photography portfolio and then take over the world with my captivating photos.

a photo taken at a wedding